Welcome to the new Harriers website and from me the new Chairman, well since November!

First off I'd like to register the clubs thanks for all the hard work Ian Larrard put into the role of Chairman, I do hope we will still see him at the track as a spectator. What Ian's standing down did highlight to me was that it can be a time consuming job being part of the administration of a club, I have previously been involved with the local Hockey Club and that was again time consuming. All that said we do need volunteers to carry out important tasks that keep the club running. Over the next few weeks we will be looking for people to help with the running and administration of the club, your help is very much appreciated.

So as we are heading towards the business end of the cross country season it's good to see large turn outs to training at both the track and Lawns, recent results show that we have a strong youth here and I'm sure our athletes will figure in county teams going forward.

But it's not only the runners, we have Alan's winter throw series ongoing, next fixture 28th Jan, this is event is held in high regard and is always well attended; this is the type of event I would want to encourage as we grow as a competitive club.

With regard to the track and its facilities the track is planned for completion in April and we are looking to place a small wooden facility to position behind the pole vault area, hopefully before the summer. For the long term the Football Trust is putting together plans for a new 4G football pitch on the grass outside the track along with a building including changing rooms, toilets and cafeteria area, the funding for this is from the FA, Premier league, Sport England and some Council funding, we are involved in that we are seen as building users. The timescales see the possibility of opening the facility by August 2018.

The website is aimed at the membership and there are lots of ways of getting involved via social media and sending in pictures or videos of events or even training with some words about it, it's your site so get involved.

We will be opening a member's only section which will have content on training, diet etc.

Please let us know what you want to see on the website and we will try to accommodate.