Track & Field Records

All club records must be set in properly officiated meetings or races.

First claim athletes can also set club records when representing their county, nation, work, Veterans' club, etc or in appropriate schools', colleges' or universities' meetings. Life members, second claim or higher claim athletes can only set records when representing Swindon Harriers.

In short sprints and horizontal jumps performances better than the club records but with illegal wind (> 2.0m/s) are noted as windy best. Electronic times close to a record are noted as electronic bests.

The Senior Club Records are the absolute club records for each gender.

In common with general statistical practice (IAAF, UKA, ATFS, NUTS, TOPS in Athletics, Power of 10, etc.) young athletes can set marks in older groups. Veteran athletes can set club records in their own 5-year age groups (which are held centrally). The best marks with the standard specification is shown here as overall Veterans' Club Records. Occasionally a Veterans' Club Record may also be a Senior record as well.

Contact Steve Connolly if you have any updates for these records.

Click on a category to reveal the club records.

Event Name Performance Venue Date
60m Matt CAVE 7.66 i Lee Valley (I) 25.02.2017
100m Radek MOJSAK (M35) 11.4 Tidworth 13.05.2012
150m Barrie BROWN (M40) 20.4 Swindon 22.03.2015
200m Radek MOJSAK (M35) 24.0 London (Elt) 20.08.2011
300m Neil COX (M35) 42.8 Swindon 22.03.2015
400m Howard MOSCROP (M40) 51.1 Hillingdon 1999
400m (i) Pete MOLLOY (M65) 66.76 (i) Lea Valley 23.02.2014
600m Howard MOSCROP (M40) 1:24.2 Swindon 16.04.2000
800m Howard MOSCROP (M40) 1:59.6 Birmingham 22.02.1999
  Pete MOLLOY (M65) 2:24.48 (i) UK Record London (LVI) 09.03.2014
1500m Pete MOLLOY (M45) Former WORLD RECORD 3:58.3 Watford 03.08.1995
  Pete MOLLOY (M65) 4:47.50 (i) UK Record London (LVI) 08.03.2014
Mile Pete MOLLOY (M45) 4:30.5 R Watford 11.06.1997
3000m Brian GARDNER (M40) 9:07.02 Watford 02.08.2000
  Pete Molloy (M65) 10:20.10(i) UK Record London (LVI) 09.03.2014
  Pete MOLLOY (M650) 10:21.8 UK Record Swindon 17.05.2014
5000m Neil PERRY (M35) 15:07.74 Watford 23.06.1999
  Pete MOLLOY (M65) 17:52.5 UK Best Abingdon 19.04.2014
10000m Brian GARDNER (M45) 33:13.1 Eton 10.06.2001
60mH Neil COX (M35) 9.57 (i) Eton (I) 01.02.2014
110mH Howard MOSCROP (M40) 15.07 Gateshead 03.08.1999
110mH (Snr) Howard MOSCROP (M35) 15.6 Portsmouth 04.05.1996
200mH Nick WALKER (M45) 31.9 Yeovil 22.09.2012
200mH (5H) Nick WALKER (M45) 32.5 Swindon 21.08.2012
400mH Howard MOSCROP (M40) British Record 53.20 Gateshead 01.08.1999
400mH Howard MOSCROP (M45) British Record 55.89 Derby 07.06.2003
400mH Howard MOSCROP (M50) WORLD RECORD 56.56 Birmingham 05/06.07.2008
2000m S/C Barrie BROWN 7:45.7 Dartford 21.06.2014
3000mS/C Howard MOSCROP (M40) 11:19.8 Bromley 16.05.1998
HJ Howard MOSCROP (M40) 1.65m> Street 24.05.1998
HJ Howard MOSCROP (M45) 1.65m Swindon 23.06.2007
HJ Tony JACKSON (M50) 1.50m Kingston 20.04.2013
PV Nick WALKER (M45) 3.41m Birmingham 26.06.2011
LJ Tony JACKSON (M40) 5.67m 2005
TJ Tony JACKSON (M35) 14.41m Cosford 1997
SP Mike SMALL (M55) 12.63m Luton 11.07.2009
  Nick WALKER (M50) 9.92m Swindon 22.11.2014
WT Nick WALKER (M45) 8.82m Swindon 16.10.2010
DT Mike SMALL (M55) 38.60m Braunton 27.06.2009
HT Mike SMALL (M55) 40.65m Luton 11.07.2009
  Nick WALKER (M50) 35.16m Swindon 28.02.2015
JT Matt CAVE (M35) 46.44m Swindon 23.09.2017
Heavy Weight Nick WALKER (M50) Swindon 28.02.2015
Heavy Weight Triathlon Nick WALKER (M50) 1,730 points Swindon 28.02.2015
Throws Pentathlon Nick WALKER (M50) 2,468 points Swindon 13.12.2014
2000m Walk Mark CAWTE (M40) 13.30.6 Portsmouth 27.04.2009
2000m Walk (B) Martin TOWNSEND (M35) 11.21.3 (B) Abingdon 01.07.2013
3000m Walk Mark CAWTE (M40) 20.56.7 Portsmouth 09.05.2009
Pentathlon Mark CAWTE (M40) 501 points Portsmouth 04.05.2009
Throws Pentathlon Nick WALKER (M45) 2,589 points Swindon 12.02.2011
Decathlon Nick WALKER (M45) 4,817 points Oxford (H) 10-11.09.2011
4x100m Ken JACKSON (M55), Neil COX, Bernie MERRON (M55), Tony JACKSON (M50) 54.15 Oxford (H) 06.05.2013
4x200m M35 Squad (Neil Cox, Bernie MERRON (M55), Barrie Brown, Martin TOWNSEND) 1:54.0 Abingdon 01.07.2013
4x400m Paul KEY, Neil PERRY, Robin NEW, James NEWTON 4:00.3 Oxford (Horspath) 16.05.2016
1600m Medley Relay   3:58.8 Abingdon 19.05.2014
Event Name Performance Venue Date
60m Chris CLAYDON 7.12 i Cardiff (I) 02.02.2014
100m Matt JONES (U17) 10.8 London (WL) 31.05.1997
  Michael BANNOR 10.8 Swindon 20.07.2013
200m Matt JONES (U17) 21.9 London (WL) 01.06.1998
  David TAYLOR (U23) 21.9 Southampton 25.06.2005
  Matt JONES (U17) 21.9w Exeter 21.06.1997
300m Paddy NORTH (U20) 36.32 Yeovil 16.01.2007
400m Paddy NORTH (U23) 47.24 Birmingham 26.06.2010
500m Toby ULM (U23) 61.54 i New York, USA 20.02.2010
600m Andy FULFORD (U17) 1:23.0 Swindon 19.04.1998
800m Ben SCARLETT 1:47.88 Manchester (Str) 23.07.2011
1000m Allan CAPLE 2:31.2 Swindon 16.04.2000
1500m Andy SHERMAN 3:43.12 Bloomington, USA 06.05.2005
Mile Andy SHERMAN 4:03.63 i South Bend, USA 03.03.2005
3000m Matt O'DOWD 7:55.75 Loughborough 20.05.2001
2 Miles Matt O'DOWD 8:44.14 Hengelo, NET 30.05.1999
4000m Daniel HYDE (U23) 11:24.8 Street 04.05.2001
5000m Matt O'DOWD 13:30.56 Solihull 23.06.2001
10000m Matt O'DOWD 28:52.97 Barakaldo, ESP 07.04.2001
12 Hours Nathan MONTAGUE 131,683m Faversham 29.07.2007
60mH Adrian HEMERY 8.35 i Madrid, ESP 26.01.2008
110mH Adrian HEMERY (U23) 14.89 Bedford 27.06.2004
  Adrian HEMERY (U23) 14.9   08.05.2004
200mH Nick WALKER (M45) 31.9 Yeovil 22.09.2012
200mH (5H) Nick WALKER (M45) 32.5 Swindon
400mH Toby ULM (U23) 50.23 Greensboro, USA 30.05.2009
2000m S/C Dave Mitchinson (U20) 5:48.53 Sheffield 12.07.1997
3000mS/C Matt O'DOWD (U23) 8:47.99 Birmingham 13.07.1997
HJ Adrian HEMERY 1.96m i Sheffield (I) 12.01.2008
  Mark OVENS 1.95m Salisbury May 1996
  Mark OVENS 1.95m Luton 09.09.2000
  Toby ULM (U20) 1.95m Chelmsford 04.08.2007
PV Rob WARENSJO (U23) 5.00m Loughborough 26.05.2010
LJ Gareth BROWN 7.41m London (PH) 06.05.2000
  Gareth BROWN 7.41m w Cwmbran 18.06.2000
TJ Tony JACKSON (M35) 14.41m Cosford 1997
SP Stephen McCAULEY 14.30m i Manchester (Sp)
WT Simon BILLINGHAM 11.31m Swindon 24.11.2012
DT Adrian HEMERY 41.95m Leigh 02.07.2011
HT Chris ROBERTS 47.64m London (PH) 05.08.1995
JT Adrian HEMERY 57.09m Swindon 21.05.2011
2000m Walk (b) Martin TOWNSEND (M35) 11.21.3 (b) Abingdon 01.07.2013
3000m Walk Mark CAWTE (M40) 20.56.7 Portsmouth 09.05.2009
5000m Walk No record      
10000m Walk No record      
Indoor Triathlon Adrian HEMERY 2,219 points Sheffield (I) 17.02.2008
Pentathlon Adrian HEMERY 3,238 points Peterborough 25.09.2005
Throws Pentathlon Simon BILLINGHAM 1,931 points Swindon 16.03.2013
Heptathlon Adrian HEMERY (U23) 5,120 points i Hexham 31.01-01.02.2004
  Adrian HEMERY 5,120 points i Sheffield (I) 12-13.01.2008
Decathlon Adrian HEMERY 7,051 points Hexham 03-04.09.2005
4x100m   44.0 Abingdon 07.05.2005
4x200m Veteran Men M35 squad (Neil COX, Bernie MERRON (M55), Barrie BROWN, Martin TOWNSEND) 1:54.0 Abingdon 01.07.2013
1200m Medley   2.26.10 Yate 19.07.2008
4x200m Under 20 Squad (Jake SOUTHWOOD (U17), Jack FAWCETT, Matthew BOWLES (U17), Aaron BISHOP) 1:47.4 Swindon 25.09.2013
4x400m Danny ROBERTS, Dave TAYLOR, Patrick NORTH, Toby ULM 3.17.5 Chelmsford 04.08.2007
4x800m Under 20 Squad (Jake SOUTHWOOD (U17), Jack FAWCETT, Matthew BOWLES (U17), Aaron BISHOP) 9:09.6 Swindon 25.09.2013
Event Name Performance Venue Date
60m Jacob BONNER (U17) 7.63 i Bath (I) 11.12.2010
100m Matt JONES (U17) 10.8 London (WL) 31.05.1997
150m Freddie DICKINSON 17.8 Swindon 17.03.2018
200m Matt JONES (U17) 21.9 London (WL) 01.06.1998
  Matt JONES (U17) 21.9w Exeter 21.06.1997
300m Paddy NORTH 36.32 Yeovil 16.01.2007
400m Toby ULM 48.22 i New York, USA 23.02.2008
800m Andy FULFORD 1:50.82 Stoke-on-Trent 18.08.2001
800m (I) Will Crisp 1:52.72 Sheffield 25.02.2017
1500m Andy FULFORD 3:53.0 Exeter 31.07.2001
Mile Matt O'DOWD 4:14.2 Oxford 02.09.1995
2 Miles Ethan PIERCE 10:41.3 Swindon 17.03.2018
3000m Jem SCRAGG 8:30.59 Street 05.05.2003
5000m Charles SYKES 15.06.9   08.05.2004
60mH No record
110mH David TAYLOR 15.4 Nottingham 13.07.2002
David TAYLOR 15.2 unc.     2005
110mH (Snr) Adrian HEMERY 15.5 Bedford 01.07.2001
Adrian HEMERY 15.56 Arles, FRA 10.06.2001
400mH Toby ULM 50.99 Hengelo, NET 21.07.2007
2000mSC Dave MITCHINSON 5:48.53 Sheffield 12.07.1997
3000mSC Dave MITCHINSON 9:10.66 Bedford 1997
HJ Toby ULM 1.95m Chelmsford 04.08.2007
PV Rob WARENSJO 4.90m i Sheffield (I)
Rob WARENSJO 4.80m Birmingham 26.07.2009
LJ Adrian HEMERY 6.67m Arles, FRA 09.06.2001
TJ David TAYLOR 13.51m Exeter
SP 6k Andy MICHIN 12.24m Yeovil 28.06.2008
SP 7.26k Adrian HEMERY 12.14m Arles, FRA 09.06.2001
WT 11.34k Josh Ricketts 13.05m Swindon 18.11.2017
DT 1.75k Adrian HEMERY 37.32m Exeter 27.06.1999
DT 2k Adrian HEMERY 37.42m Woodford 29.04.2001
HT 7.26k Josh Ricketts 38.95m Horsham 20/05/2018
HT 6k Josh Ricketts 47.58m Exeter 29/05/2018
JT 800g Adrian HEMERY 49.20m Bedford 05.08.2001
Throws PentathlonAllan BARNARD2,146 pointsSwindon12.12.2009
Throws Triathlon - Light WeightJosh RICKETTS1,104 pointsSwindon09.12.2017
Throws Triathlon - Heavy WeightJosh RICKETTS1,610 pointsSwindon28.10.2017
DecathlonDavid TAYLOR5,838 pointsDerby21-22.09.2002
Decathlon (Snr)Adrian HEMERY6,788 pointsArles, FRA09-10.06.2001
4x100mTom HAWORTH (U20),Scott GUNNING (U20), Sam WADDELL (U17), Josh RICKETTS (U17)45.9Winchester21.05.2017
4x200mJake SOUTHWOOD (U17), Jack FAWCETT, Matthew BOWLES (U17), Aaron BISHOP1.47.7Swindon25.09.2013
4x400mCiaran COOPER U17, Nyle CLINTON, Jack FAWCETT, George BASKERVILLE U1703:38.1Solihull30.06.2013
4x800mJake SOUTHWOOD (U17), Jack FAWCETT, Matthew BOWLES (U17), Aaron BISHOP9:09.6Swindon25.09.2013
Event Name Performance Venue Date
60mJacob BONNER7.63 iBath (I)11.12.2010
100mMatt JONES10.8London (WL)31.05.1997
150mDominic WADDELL17.7Swindon22.03.2015
200mMatt JONES21.9London (WL)01.06.1998
Matt JONES21.9wExeter21.06.1997
300mCiaran COOPER37.35Oxford (H)11.09.2013
400mToby ULM51.3Abingdon10.09.2005
Luke SMITH (U15)51.63Birmingham15.08.2004
600mAndy FULFORD01:23.0Swindon19.04.1998
800mAndy FULFORD01:54.0Swindon24.06.1998
1000mBen McINTYRE2:46.89 (i)Lee Valley17/18.12.2016
1500mAndy SHERMAN04:01.7London (Ha)24.05.1998
MileCiaran COOPER4.39.0Swindon18.09.2013
3000mJem SCRAGG08:48.4Street07.05.2001
60mHBen McIntyre9.94 (i)Lee Valley (I)17.12.2017
100mHToby ULM15Salisbury14.05.2005
Toby ULM15Salisbury11.06.2005
300mHAlex MARTIN44.1Swindon17.03.2018
400mHToby ULM53.3Birmingham14.08.2005
400mH (Snr)Toby ULM55.5Southampton25.06.2005
Toby ULM55.5Abingdon10.09.2005
1500m S/CAndy SHERMAN04:24.9Sheffield16.08.1998
2000m S/CBen McINTYRE6:51.7Cheltenham13.05.2017
HJToby ULM1.85mBournemouth18.09.2005
PVRob WARENSJO4.30mYate10.09.2006
LJGam Dumbutshena6.58mGateshead11.07.2015
TJLeroy WILSON13.48mLondon (CP)1997
SP 5kJosh RICKETTS12.60mExeter17.06.2017
SP 7.26kJosh RICKETTS9.83mWinchester21.05.2017
WT 9.08kJosh RICKETTS14.78mSwindon10.09.2016
DT 2kJosh RICKETTS26.94mWinchester21.05.2017
DT 1.5kDaniel BIGNALL32.60mNewport1997
HT 5kJosh Ricketts48.86mExeter07.06.2017
JT 800gBen McINTYRE40.69mSwindon14.04.2018
JT 700gDaniel BIGNALL46.10mCheltenham1997
WalksNo records
Pentathlon (Classic Jumpers)Joe PETTIT2,209 pointsSwindon29.08.2013
Throws PentathlonJoe LEE2,297 pointsSwindon06.10.2012
OctathlonBen McINTYRE4,098 pointsBoston16-17.09.2017
DecathlonJoe Pettit4,575 pointsStoke-on-Trent03-04.08.2013
Heavy Weight Throws TriathlonJosh RICKETTS1,695 pointsSwindon25.02.2017
Light Weight Throws TriathlonBen McINTYRE1,416 pointsYeovil24.06.2017
Heptathlon (Indoor)Ben McINTYRE3,349 points (i)Lee Valley17.12.2017
(Jason SMITH,Jem SCRAGG,P.S.,G.O.)
4x800mUnder 15 Squad10:41.7Swindon25.09.2013
(Isaac McADAM,Elliot DOUGHTY (U13),Oliver READ,Luke CAMPBELL)
Event Name Performance Venue Date
60m ITye LEO-STROUD7.65Lee Valley06.01.2018
100mJacob BONNER12Salisbury12.06.2010
David HARBRON12.2Yate03.07.2000
Andrew ROGERS12.2Cheltenham01.08.2004
150mTye LEO-STROUD19.4Swindon17.03.2018
200mLuke SMITH23.9Loughborough18.07.2004
300mSam WADDELL37.74Exeter20.06.2015
400mLuke SMITH51.63Birmingham15.08.2004
600mBen MCINTYRE01:29.6Cheltenham27.07.2016
800mWill CRISP02:01.4Birmingham12.07.2014
1000mElliot DOUGHTY02:52.0Swindon22.03.2015
1200mJake SOUTHWOOD03:57.1Swindon30.05.2012
1500mCallum BAMPTON04:18.2Gateshead06.07.2012
Mile (R)Ben MCINTYRE04:47Westminster28.05.2017
MileBen MCINTYRE04:44.4Oxford23.07.2016
2k Multi TerrainBen McINTYRE06:18Swindon (LP)26.06.2016
3000mCallum BAMPTON9.31.60Exeter15.07.2012
60mH (i)Johan WARENSJO10.07Eton02.02.2013
80mHChris McNULTY12.5Salisbury09.06.2007
Akash PEDNEKAR12.5Exeter21.06.2008
Chris McNULTY12.71Yeovil16.06.2007
200mH (5H)Johan WARENSJO31.8Swindon21.08.2012
HJWill CRISP1.78mGloucester22.06.2014
PVJack HORNE-SMITH3.31mBedford26.08.2017
LJJoe SHAW6.12mCheltenham18.07.2004
TJAndrew HARRIS12.55mSalisbury__.05.1998
SP 4kAndrew ROGERS10.87mCheltenham01.08.2004
WT 7.26kHarry RICKETTS13.02mSwindon24.02.2018
DT 1.25kAndrew ROGERS29.99mLoughborough18.07.2004
HT 4kOliver BROWN46.02mSheffield09/10.07.2009
JT 600gBen McINTYRE42.29mSwindon10.09.2016
WalksNo records
QuadrathonStuart SMITH969 pointsSwindon29.09.2010
PentathlonJohan WARENSJO2,199 pointsExeter22.06.2013
Pentathlon (Classic Jumpers)Will CRISP2,254 pointsSwindon29.08.2013
Throws PentathlonHarry RICKETTS1,662 pointsSwindon09.12.2017
Lightweight Throws TriathlonBen McINTYRE1,077 pointsSwindon21.11.2015
Heavyweight Throws TriathlonHarry RICKETTS1,404 pointsSwindon24.02.2018
QuadkidsWill CRISP281 pointsMarlborough30.06.2013
Quadkids Team(Will CRISP, Paddy THOMPSON, Dominic WADDELL, Joe CASTLE, Oliver READ,1,366Marlborough30.06.2013
4x100Joe SMITH, Luke SMITH, Nick COZENS, Andrew ROGERS47.4Cheltenham01.08.2004
4x800mIsaac McADAM, Elliot DOUGHTY (U13), Oliver READ, Luke CAMPBELL10:41.7Swindon25.09.2103
Event Name Performance Venue Date
60mBoudewijn LONG8.63Eton (indoors)08.01.2017
75mTye LEO-STROUD9.5Bromley14.08.2017
100mTye LEO-STROUD12.26Tooting Bec26.08.2017
150mJames BAGOT (U11)22.5Cheltenham26.07.2017
200mTye LEO-STROUD25.8Portsmouth09.09.2017
300mKye SHIELL48.5Swindon28.09.2011
400mPaul STOKES63.44Swindon24.06.1998
600mJames BAGOT (U11)1.51.8Cheltenham19.07.2017
800mWill CRISP2:14.73Oxford (H)15.08.2012
1000mJed STACEY03:26.1Swindon23.09.2009
1200mWill CRISP04:14.5Swindon06.04.2011
1500mWill CRISP4:37.50Exeter15.07.2012
MileWill CRISP5:19.7Swindon19.09.2012
70mH (2'3")Ben TANNER12.0Salisbury09.06.2007
75mH (2'6")Johan WARENSJO12.6Salisbury11.06.2011
HJAlex BATEMAN1.44mSwindon14.06.2008
LJWill CRISP4.75mTidworth13.05.2012
TJMatthew WHITEMAN8.78mSalisbury__.05.1999
SP 3.25kOliver KING11.32mKingsmeadow30.07.200
SP 3kBilly DICKINSON6.92mWoking10.06.2018
WT 5.45kJordan LARGE3.11mSwindon16.10.2010
DT 1kBen McIntyre21.28mCheltenham02.07.2014
HT 4kHarry RICKETTS47.34mWorcester19.05.2018
HT 3kBilly DICKINSON23.57mGloucester12.05.2018
JT 400gBen McINTYRE33.87mCheltenham16.07.2014
PVTom ORAM2.00mSwindon23.09.2017
Light Throws TriathlonHarry RICKETTS582 pointsSwindon27.02.2016
Heavy Throws TriathlonJordan LARGE178 pointsSwindon20.11.2010
Throws PentathlonJordan LARGE336 pointsSwindon16.10.2010
Pentathlon (Standard)Sam WADDELL847 pointsExeter30.09.2012
Pentathlon (Classic Jumpers)Will CRISP1,588 pointsSwindon20.09.2012
QuadkidsBen McIntyre246 pointsMarlborough11.05.2014
Quadkids TeamBen McINTYRE, James KING, Sam WADDELL, Tom WATERWORTH, Ollie WATERWORTH, Louie ANDERSON, Marcus ROGERS, Daine ACKERS1,411 pointsMarlborough30.06.2013
4x100Boudewijn LONG, Tom ORAM, Sam WHITE, Tye LEO-STROUD54.9Swindon16.07.2017
Swindon ParkrunBen McIntyre18:37Swindon (LP)18.04.2015
5KCallum BAMPTON24:37Swindon26.02.2010
5 MilesCallum BAMPTON40:42:00Chiseldon23.05.2010
Event Name Performance Venue Date
50mChristian IFIL8.6Swindon19.09.2012
60mJames BAGOT9.4Cheltenham14.05.2017
75mJames Kyeremeh10.7Bournemouth04.06.2017
300mNiall KENNEDY56.6Swindon19.09.2011
600mJames BAGOT1.51.8Cheltenham19.07.2017
1000mLouis ABBOTT04:09.4Swindon23.09.2009
2K ParkrunJames BAGOT7min 31secSwindon29.10.2017
5k (multi-terrain)Nathan HUYNH22m.00Swindon (LP)07.05.2011
HJAlexander HOBSON0.95mSwindon21.04.2012
LJJonathon DUMBUTSHENA3.93mSwindon08.04.2018
Vortex HowlerFin KEATING40.05mSwindon16.07.2017
TriathlonRhys EVANS311 pointsSwindon28.09.2011
QuadKidsFrancis ABIJO238 pointsTidworth13.05.2018
Max SULLIVAN228 pointsSwindon03.09.2016
Quadkids TeamJames KYEREMEH, Sam RAI, Ryan FLANAGHAN, Fin KEATING884 pointsSwindon16.07.2017
Event Name Performance Venue Date
50mSylas JONES-CHAMBERS8.1sSwindon25.09.2013
60mJoshua OLOWOPAOKY10.9sSwindon28.09.2011
75mJonah SPARKES12.41sOxford (H)21.07.2013
400mAlex ROGERS81s u.o.tMarlborough30.06.2013
Sylas JONES-CHAMBERS*82.5sSwindon25.09.2013
600mZachary SPARKES2.13.0Oxford (H)21.07.2013
LJAlex ROGERS3.12mSwindon25.09.2013
SLJFinn KEATING1.54mMarlborough31.05.2015
VortexAlex ROGERS28.01mSwindon25.09.2013
TriathlonDaniel EASTELL267 pointsSwindon28.09.2011
QuadKidsAlex ROGERS218 pointsSwindon25.09.2013
Quadkids TeamAlex ROGERS, Jamie WATERWORTH, Toby MASLIN, Nathan MITCHELL, Ben HILL659 pointsWoking09.06.2013
Event Name Performance Venue Date
60mSally LUDLOW (W35)10.06 iLondon (LVi)09.03.2013
100mKaty Cox (W35)14.7Swindon09.06.2014
Sally LUDLOW (W35)16.15Oxford (H)19.06.2013
200mSally DEO (W35)33.6Abingdon20.05.2013
400mLucy DOUGHTY (W40)67.53Oxford (H)06.05.2013
800mKate JACOBS (W35)02:19.5Watford13.06.2012
1500mKate JACOBS (W35)04:39.4Watford27.06.2012
MileNo record
3000mKate JACOBS (W35)09:52.9Watford28.10.2012
5000mJill HARRIS (W40)19:19.1??12.05.2002
Jill HARRIS (W40)19:31.9London (He)27.07.2002
10000mNo record
60mHNo record
100mHNo record
400mHM. BISHOP114.5Banbury29.04.2000
1500mSCSally LUDLOW (W35)08:45.9Portsmouth01.09.2012
1500mSC (Dry)Sally LUDLOW (W35)08:06.5Swindon09.06.2012
2000mSCSally LUDLOW (W35)12:01.4Swindon18.05.2013
HJKate JACOBS (W35)1.20mSwindon21.04.2012
PVElaine SCOTT1.60mLondon (BP)24.04.1999
LJSally LUDLOW (W35)3.71mPortsmouth01.09.2012
Sally LUDLOW (W35)3.66mPortsmouth19.05.2012
TJNo record
SPKim THOMSON7.53mSouthampton05.09.1998
WTNo records
DTElaine SCOTT18.28mSwindon11.08.2001
HTElaine SCOTT20.68mKingsmeadow07.06.1997
JTSally LUDLOW (W35)11.11mLondon (Elt)20.08.2011
JT (old spec.)Kim THOMSON31.25mSouthampton05.09.1998
2000m WalkSarah BELLAMY13:55.8Abingdon19.05.2014
Combined eventsNo records
4x100m65.7Oxford (H)19.05.2014
4x400m (W35)Mandy DICKINSON, Sarah DEO, Sally LUDLOW, Lucy DOUGHTY(W40)05:24.6Abingdon20.05.2013
1600m Medley05:32.2Swindon09.06.2014
Event Name Performance Venue Date
60mAbbie CHAUNDY (U23)7.87 iLee Valley13.01.2018
100mKayleigh HARPER (U23)12.3Southampton28.04.2007
Abbie CHAUNDY (U20)12.22wAndover11.05.2014
200mKayleigh HARPER (U23)25.38 iBirmingham (I)11.02.2007
Kayleigh HARPER (U20)25.41Eton30.07.2006
Kayleigh HARPER (U23)25.5Southampton28.04.2007
Kayleigh HARPER (U23)25.5Reading02.06.2007
Keeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)25.5Yate23.07.2011
300mKeeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)41.44Exeter17.07.2011
Kayleigh HARPER (U17)41.5Salisbury__.05.2003
400mKayleigh HARPER (U20)57.15Birmingham09.07.2005
Kayleigh HARPER (U20)57.03 unc.??__.__.2005
800mJosephine RHODES (U20)02:12.0Watford12.06.2004
1500mLucy DOUGHTY04:21.9Watford23.06.1999
MileYasmin SMITH (U23)4:56.99 iNew York, USA07.02.2009
3000mLucy DOUGHTY09:37.1Street05.05.1997
5000mEmma O'DOWD (U23)16:50.7Solihull23.06.2001
10000mJosephine RHODES (U17)42:38:00Burnley26.06.2002
60mH (i)Keeleigh CHAPMAN (U20)9.42 (i)Cardiff17.02.2013
100mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)15.7Portsmouth01.09.2012
Shelley RUDMAN (U20)16.66London (He)30.08.1998
200mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)30.8Swindon04.09.2012
200mH (5H)Keeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)29.2Swindon21.08.2012
300mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)43.32Bedford19.08.2012
400mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)64.2Salisbury14.07.2012
Shelley RUDMAN (U20)64.74London (He)30.08.1998
1500mSCCarla HUYNH (U17)06:35.8Portsmouth01.09.2012
2000mSCDebbie MARTIN10:23.0Swindon21.05.2011
3000mSCNo record
HJCaroline BARBER (U15)1.67mExeter10.07.1998
PVDebbie MARTIN2.55mSwindon26.06.2010
LJBecky WHITE5.84mSwindon26.06.2010
TJBecky WHITE12.81mSwindon26.06.2010
SP 4kJolene MARSHALL11.05mSwindon25.02.2017
WT 9.08kVickey BASS8.50mSwindon08.01.2011
DT 1kZoe LARGE27.86mSwindon08.07.2017
HT 4kHayley JORDAN (U20)33.02mLondon (CP)26.06.1999
JT 400gGeorgie McTEAR (U17)35.65mAbingdon19.04.2014
Lightweight Throws TriathlonJolene MARSHALL1,185 pointsSwindon18.03.2017
2000m WalkSarah BELLAMY (W45)13:55.8Abingdon19.05.2014
PentathlonKatherine SILTO (U20)2,587 pointsCheltenham02.07.2000
Throws PentathlonZoe LARGE (U17)1,427 pointsSwindon12.12.2009
HeptathlonKatherine SILTO (U20)3,700 pointsBirmingham16-17.09.2000
4x100mHannah NEW (U17), Lydia ROGERS (U23), Jess ALEXANDER (U20), Theresa IANNETELLI (U20)51.7Swindon14.04.2018
4x200mUnder 13 squad (Zoe-Anne BISHOP, Gemma CARTER, Alex ABRAHAMS, Becky ALEXANDER02:11.7Swindon25.09.2013
4x300mUnder 17 squad (Emma PIATEK, Lydia ROGERS, Carla HUYNH, Lillie BELLAMY)03:05.3Swindon20.05.2012
1200m MedleyUnder 17 squad (Keeleigh CHAPMAN, Julia COOK, Emma PIATEK, Lillie BELLAMY)02:53.2Derby08.09.2012
1600m MedleyVeterans Team06:30.2Abingdon19.05.2014
4x800mUnder 17 Squad (Becky ALEXANDER (U13), Amalie PRITCHARD (U11), Alex ABRAHAMS (U13), Izzy HARTLEY-SMYTH)12:03.3Swindon25.09.2013
Event Name Performance Venue Date
60mAbbie CHAUNDY7.94 iSheffield (I)01.03.2014
100mAbbie CHAUNDY12.22Andover11.05.2014
200mKayleigh HARPER25.41Eton30.07.2006
Keeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)25.5Yate23.07.2011
300mKeeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)41.44Exeter17.07.2011
Kayleigh HARPER (U17)41.5Salisbury__.05.2003
400mKayleigh HARPER57.15Birmingham09.07.2005
Kayleigh HARPER57.03 unc.??__.__.2005
800mJosephine RHODES2.12.05Watford12.06.2004
1500mFrances BRISCOE4.33.25Watford26.05.2002
MileJosephine RHODES5.06.1Cheltenham13.07.2005
3000mYasmin SMITH10.10.83Bath10.05.2008
10000mJosephine RHODES (U17)42.38Burnley26.06.2002
60mH (i)Keeleigh CHAPMAN9.42 (i)Cardiff17.02.2013
100mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)15.7Portsmouth01.09.2012
Shelley RUDMAM16.66London (He)30.08.1998
200mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)30.8Swindon04.09.2012
200mH (5H)Keeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)29.2Swindon21.08.2012
300mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)43.32Bedford19.08.2012
400mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN (U17)64.2Salisbury14.07.2012
Shelley RUDMAN64.74London (He)30.08.1998
1500mSCCarla HUYNH06:35.8Portsmouth01.09.2012
HJCaroline BARBER (U15)1.67mExeter10.07.1998
PVJess SALLES (U17)2.40mBath26.06.2011
LJMorgan GASCOGNE5.71mExeter23.06.2012
TJAbbie CHAUNDY11.82mBirmingham12.07.2014
SP 4kNaomi SAXBY9.39mBasingstoke04.09.2010
Heavy Weight 9.08kBeth LARGE6.62mSwindon16.11.2013
DT 1kBeth LARGE26.90mSwindon18.05.2013
HT 4kHayley JORDAN33.02mLondon (CP)26.06.1999
JT 600gGeorgie McTEAR (U17)35.65mAbingdon19.04.2014
WalksNo records
PentathonKatherine SILTO2,587 pointsCheltenham02.07.2000
Throws PentathonBeth LARGE1,804 pointsSwindon16.11.2013
HeptathonKatherine SILTO3,700 pointsBirmingham16-17.09.2000
4x100mUnder 17 team (Vicky LAWRENCE, Natalie REEVES, Lucy JANIK, Hannah GIBBS)51.8Loughborough18.07.2004
4x200mUnder 13 squad (Zoe-Anne BISHOP, Gemma CARTER, Alex ABRAHAMS, Becky ALEXANDER)2.11.7Swindon25.09.2013
4x300mUnder 17 team (Emma PIATEK, Lydia ROGERS, Carla HUYNH, Lillie BELLAMY)03:05.3Swindon20.05.2012
1200m MedleyUnder 17 squad (Keeleigh CHAPMAN, Julia COOK, Emma PIATEK, Lillie BELLAMY)02:53.2Derby08.09.2012
4x400m(Lydia ROGERS, Livi CUNNINGHAM, Abby MILES, Stephanie HOUSTON04:52.8Swindon14.05.2016
4x800mUnder 17 Squad (Becky ALEXANDER (U13), Amalie PRITCHARD (U11), Alex ABRAHAMS (U13), Izzy HARTLEY-SMYTH)12:03.3Swindon25.09.2013
Event Name Performance Venue Date
60mBecky LAWRENCE7.99 iBirmingham (I)24.02.2007
100mKeeleigh CHAPMAN12.6Yate23.07.2011
Kayleigh HARPER12.6 unc.??__.__.200_
Julia COOK (U15)12.6Gateshead01.07.2011
Abbie CHAUNDY12.6Swindon20.07.2013
Julia COOK12.45wExeter23.06.2012
150mJessica ALEXANDER20.1Swindon23.05.2015
200mKeeleigh CHAPMAN25.5Yate23.07.2011
300mKeeleigh CHAPMAN41.44Exeter17.07.2011
Kayleigh HARPER41.5Salisbury__.05.2003
400mEmma PIATEK59Swindon20.07.2013
600mRachel ORAM1:48.4Swindon17.03.2018
800mLillie BELLAMY2.15.8Portsmouth01.09.2012
Josephine RHODES02:16.0Eton03.07.2002
1500mLillie BELLAMY04:37.2Salisbury16.06.2012
MileLillie BELLAMY05:13.0Oxford28.07.2012
2 MilesAyla TONKIN13:.03.6Swindon17.03.2018
3000mJosephine RHODES10:17.8Watford02.06.2002
10000mJosephine RHODES42:38:00Burnley26.06.2002
60mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN8.99 iBirmingham (I)06.02.2011
80mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN11.67Gateshead02.07.2011
Keeleigh CHAPMAN11.67wExeter18.06.2011
100mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN15.7Portsmouth01.09.2012
200mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN30.8Swindon04.09.2012
200mH (5H)Keeleigh CHAPMAN29.2Swindon21.08.2012
300mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN43.32Bedford19.08.2012
400mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN64.2Salisbury14.07.2012
1500mSCCarla HUYNH06:35.8Portsmouth01.09.2012
HJCaroline BARBER (U15)1.67mExeter10.07.1998
PVJess SALLES2.40mBath26.06.2011
LJAbby MILES5.35mExeter19.07.2015
Abby MILES5.36m wExeter19.07.2015
TJAbbie CHAUNDY11.16m (+0.7)Birmingham06.07.2013
Abbie CHAUNDY11.16mSheffield15.09.2013
SP (4k)Becky HORNE8.70mLondon (BP)24.04.1999
SP (3k)Zoe-Ann BISHOP8.23mAldershot10.07.2016
DTBeth LARGE25.43mExeter17.07.2011
HT (4k)Hayley JORDAN31.00mSwindon13.04.1997
HT (3k)Katie LOACH35.54mYeovil28.05.2017
JT (500gr)Georgie McTEAR40.97mYeovil14.06.2014
Heavy Weight 7.26kZoe-Anne BISHOP12.58mSwindon21.11.2015
Heavy Weight Throws TriathlonZoe-Anne BISHOP1,436 pointsSwindon19.03.2016
WalksNo records
LWT Throws TriathlonGeorgie McTear1,145 pointsSwindon22.02.2014
PentathlonNo record
Throws PentathlonZoe-Anne BISHOP1,792 pointsSwindon21.11.2015
PentathlonKatherine SILTO3,525 pointsPeterborough18-19.09.1999
4x100mVicky LAWRENCE, Natalie REEVES, Lucy JANIK, Hannah GIBBS51.8Loughborough18.07.2004
4x200mUnder 13 squad (Zoe-Anne BISHOP, Gemma CARTER, Alex ABRAHAMS, Becky ALEXANDER)2.11.7Swindon25.09.2013
4x300mEmma PIATEK, Lydia ROGERS, Carla HUYNH, Lillie BELLAMY03:05.3Swindon20.05.2012
1200m MedleyKeeleigh CHAPMAN, Julia COOK, Emma PIATEK, Lillie BELLAMY02:53.2Derby08.09.2012
4x400mNo record
4x800mUnder 17 Squad (Becky ALEXANDER (U13), Amalie PRITCHARD (U11), Alex ABRAHAMS (U13), Izzy HARTLEY-SMYTH)12:03.3Swindon25.09.2013
Event Name Performance Venue Date
60mDelleah BELGRAVE8.23 iBirmingham11.02.2018
80mMolly SMITH11.6Swindon19.09.2012
100mJulia COOK12.6Gateshead01.07.2011
150mDelleah BELGRAVE20.7 iSwindon17.03.2018
200mKayleigh HARPER26.5Exeter16.06.2001
Becky LAWRENCE26.5Bournemouth27.06.2005
Kayleigh HARPER26.8Exeter06/07.07.2001
300mJess ALEXANDER42.59sOxford (H)25.08.2013
600mMaddie PERRINS01:50.1Swindon06.04.2001
800mEmma LAMBOURNE02:20.8Swindon09.05.2004
1000mEmma LAMBOURNE02:58.4Swindon15.05.2004
1500mEmma LAMBOURNE04:44.1Sheffield12.07.2003
MileHelen BENNETT06:31.7Swindon23.09.2009
2 MilesLavinia RAI13:00.4Swindon17.03.2018
2k Multi TerrainDara KELLY08:12Swindon (LP)10.05.2015
3000mEmma LAMBOURNE10:36.8Portsmouth22.06.2003
60mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN9.25 iBirmingham (I)27.02.2010
75mHKeeleigh CHAPMAN11.26Birmingham09.07.2010
Keeleigh CHAPMAN11.3Exeter19.06.2010
200mH (5H)Jess ALEXANDER (U13)32.1Swindon21.08.2012
200mH (10H)Jess ALEXANDER (U13)33.6Swindon04.09.2012
HJCaroline BARBER1.67mExeter10.07.1998
PVHannah TAPLEY2.30mCheltenham31.07.2013
LJBecky LAWRENCE5.15mBath27.06.2005
TJNo record
SP (3kg)Issy IMESON9.96mWoking10.06.2018
DT (1k)Katie LOACH23.94mSwindon18.06.2017
HT (4k)Zoe LARGE22.59mAbingdon23.08.2008
HT (3k)Katie LOACH35.54mYeovil28.05.2017
JT (600g)Georgie McTEAR30.07mExeter11.08.2013
JT (old spec.)Adi WALLACE20.84mSwindon27.06.1998
Heavy Weight Throws TriathlonKatie LOACH1,367 pointsSwindon18.03.2017
Heavy Weight 5.45kKatie LOACH10.40mSwindon18.03.2017
Light Weight Throws TriathlonIssy IMESON872 pointsSwindon28.10.2017
WalksNo records
QuadrathonJulia COOK1,504 pointsWoking29.09.2010
Throws QuadrathlonBeth LARGE1,050 pointsWoking24.10.2009
PentathlonKatherine SILTO2,547 points??__.__.1997
Pentathlon (Classic)Hannah TAPLEY2,237 pointsSwindon20.09.2012
QuadkidsSteph HOUSTON210 pointsMarlborough30.06.2013
Quadkids TeamSteph HOUSTON, Maiya TODD, Steph BUSULTIL, Amy GRANT, Mollie MONDINO1,103 pointsMarlborough30.06.2013
4x100mNatalie REEVES, Kayleigh HARPER, Corinne HUNTER, Ciara FitzGERALD)52.9Newport22.07.2001
4x200mUnder 13 squad (Zoe-Anne BISHOP, Gemma CARTER, Alex ABRAHAMS, Becky ALEXANDER)2.11.7Swindon25.09.2013
4x300mJosie RYDER, Kelly-Marie MARSH, Lavinia RAI, Amelia SKITTRALL3:09.9Braunton21.04.2018
Event Name Performance Venue Date
60mDelleah BELGRAVE8.57Eton (indoors)05.02.2017
75mKayleigh HARPER10.4Swindon16.05.1999
80mJess ALEXANDER11.7Swindon19.09.2012
100mDelleah BELGRAVE13.2Bournemouth10.09.2017
150mKayleigh HARPER20Telford18.07.1999
200mDelleah BELGRAVE28.0Havant09.09.2017
300mJess ALEXANDER48.1Swindon19.09.2012
400mEmma PIATEK66.09Yate04.05.2009
600mEmma PIATEK01:53.6Bracknell28.09.2009
800mHarriet Hillman2:27.93Oxford24.05.2017
1000mYasmin SMITH3:18.4Tidworth08.09.2002
1200mCharlotte GEORGE4:00.9Swindon18.07.2010
1500mCatherine REID4:51.3Kingsmeadow25.07.1999
MileGeorgia AKERMAN6:50.4Swindon23.09.2009
60mH (i)Becky ALEXANDER10.66Eton03.03.2013
70mH (2'3")Jess ALEXANDER11.81Oxford (H)26.08.2012
70mHHannah NEW11.6Salisbury06.07.2014
200mH (5H)Jess ALEXANDER32.1Swindon21.08.2012
200mH (2'3")Jess ALEXANDER33.6Swindon04.09.2012
HJHannah THOMPSON1.44mLoughborough18.07.2004
PVHannah TAPLEY1.70mSwindon03.08.2011
LJHannah THOMPSON4.55mCheltenham01.08.2004
SP 2.72kIssy IMESON9.02mSwindon18.03.2017
DT 0.75kKatie LOACH24.51mSwindon07.06.2015
JT (400g)Hannah LEWINGTON40.27mWoking10.06.2018
Light Weight Throws TriathlonHannah LEWINGTON1,133 pointsSwindon28.10.2017
VortexCaitlin CARNEY (U11)27.61mSwindon28.09.2011
TriathlonCaitlin CARNEY (U11)330 pointsSwindon28.09.2011
QuadkidsHannah LEWINGTON258 pointsCheltenham07.05.2018
Quadkids TeamBecky ALEXANDER, Hannah ARNOLD, Beth BREWER, Ella HAYNES, Hannah NEW, Bethany SPURR916 pointsMarlborough30.06.2013
QuadrathonSophie HILL (U11)107 pointsMarlborough27.05.2012
Pentathlon (Classic)Issy IMESON2,183 pointsExeter24.09.2017
Pentathlon (Standard)Becky ALEXANDER1,812 pointsExeter29.09.2013
4x100Natalie REEVES, Tara KINSELLA, Sophie RIDGE, Hannah GIBBS56.9Swindon23.07.2000
4x200Zoe-Anne BISHOP, Gemma CARTER, Alex ABRAHAMS, Becky ALEXANDER2:11.7Swindon25.09.2013
4x300Gemma CARTER, Alex ABRAHAMS, Becky ALEXANDER, Emily ARREL4.00.0Swindon03.10.2012
Swindon ParkrunCharlotte GEORGE19:26Swindon09.04.2011
Event Name Performance Venue Date
50mEllie STYLES9.1Swindon19.09.2012
60mLaila-Jae BELGRAVE9.21Eton04.03.2018
Adele CAVERLY11.5Swindon28.09.2011
75mReka CARR10.9Oxford02.07.2017S
80mEmily COUSINS13.12Woking01.09.2013
150mLaila-Jae BELGRAVE23.08Bracknell31.03.2018
Emma PIATEK23.1Abingdon08.09.2007
200mCaitlin CARNEY33.5Swindon25.05.2011
Caitlin CARNEY33.5Marlborough14.06.2011
200m (I)Sophie IMESON33.0Lee Valley25.02.2017
300mMegan KNIGHT64.5Swindon29.08.2012
600mHarriet HILLMAN1.49.21Woking04.09.2016
800mHarriet HILLMAN02:31.6Exeter28.06.2016
5km (Multi Terrain)Amalie PRITCHARD24m23Swindon (LP)01.06.2013
LJSophie IMESON4.15mSwindon24.09.2017
LJ (I)Sophie IMESON3.62mLee Valley25.02.2017
JTKatie NEW13.23mSwindon02.03.2016
Shot 2KSophie IMESON7.55mExeter24.09.2017
Shot 2.72KSophie IMESON5.55mSwindon23.09.2017
Vortex HowlerHannah LEWINGTON42.18mSwindon03.09.2016
TriathlonCaitlin CARNEY330 pointsSwindon28.09.2011
QuadKidsHannah Lewington250 pointsSwindon03.09.2016
Quadkids Team (4)Hannah LEWINGTON, Macy STEPHENS, Harriet HILLMAN, Reka CARR867 pointsSwindon03.07.2016
Quadkids Team (6)Amalie PRITCHARD, Katie LOACH, Emily COUSINS, Sophie HILL, Rachel ORAM,Lauren BULLEY, Izzy ANDERSON1,103 pointsMarlborough30.06.2013
4x100mKiya GOODWIN, Sophie HILL, Gabriella DOUGHTY, Amalie PRITCHARD67.0Swindon25.09.2013
Event Name Performance Venue Date
50mBea HILLMAN8.6sMarlborough17.05.2017
60m (I)Laila-Jae BELGRAVE9.44Eton05.03.2017
70mKatie NEW12.1Andover11.05.2014
75mHarriet HILLMAN11.7Salisbury06.07.2014
400mAmelia DUDDING*74.3sSwindon18.09.2013
Rachael SMITH74.6sSwindon18.09.2013
600mHarriet HILLMAN1.59.4Salisbury06.07.2014
LJSophie IMESON3.10mOxford10.05.2015
SLJSophie IMESON1.70mMarlborough31.05.2015
VortexSophie IMESON17.2mMarlborough31.05.2015
TriathlonAdele CAVERLY223 pointsSwindon28.09.2011
QuadkidsAmelia DUDDING*170 pointsSwindon18.09.2013
Harriet HILLMAN180 pointsWoking13.07.2014
Quadkids Team385 pointsSalisbury06.07.2014