Road & XC Records

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Young female Harriers at Tri-Counties XC in Bath, 2016.

All club records must be set in properly officiated meetings or races.

First claim athletes can also set club records when representing their county, nation, work, Veterans' club, etc or in appropriate schools', colleges' or universities' meetings. Life members, second claim or higher claim athletes can only set records when representing Swindon Harriers.

In short sprints and horizontal jumps performances better than the club records but with illegal wind (> 2.0m/s) are noted as windy best. Electronic times close to a record are noted as electronic bests.

The Senior Club Records are the absolute club records for each gender.

In common with general statistical practice (IAAF, UKA, ATFS, NUTS, TOPS in Athletics, Power of 10, etc.) young athletes can set marks in older groups. Veteran athletes can set club records in their own 5-year age groups (which are held centrally). The best marks with the standard specification is shown here as overall Veterans' Club Records. Occasionally a Veterans' Club Record may also be a Senior record as well.

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