Under 11 Sportshall League Gloucester Match Review

Sunday 6th November was the first meeting for this year's Sportshall League, held indoors at Crypt School, Gloucester. This was the second year we have entered this competition and this year we had one girls team and two boys team take part.

I was so proud of the effort and the enthusiasm they all showed, and was particularly proud to receive comments from the organisers about the Swindon team's energy and positivity, including the way they cheered all their athletes to the start line of the relay races and applauded them afterwards. We're definitely building something special at our club, which they all represented so well on the day.

As for the athlete's performances themselves, we had some excellent results with Tom Robinson and Ethan Timms both top 5 in the 1 Lap Relays and top 3 in Standing Long Jump. For the Girls team Tamiah Roswell top 4 in the 1 Lap Relay and Mistral Lyons top 3 in the Chest Push event. All the performance were PBs and as Team Manager I was extremely proud of them all!

I'd also thank all the parents and carers who helped in running the events and cheered and encouraged their children. Without that help, the event doesn't happen, so thank you!

Our next meeting is on 27th Nov at Stroud, and I'm hoping to have U13 teams there too. Can't wait!

Martin Smith
Sportshall Team Manager