No Officials = No Competition

It should go without saying that open meetings and league competitions simply cannot go ahead if there is nobody to measure and record athletes times, heights or distances. This season, the club would desperately like to hear from more people willing to help us with our officiating commitments.

An example of what you can start out to do is as follows, start off by becoming a volunteer at club open and league meetings to see if you enjoy it doing a few events or a whole day, every bit you do helps the club, do raking the sandpit during long jump or triple jump, replacing the bar/adjusting height on high jump or pole vault, retrieving the throw implement during throws, do the pull through for tape measure on shot put, you can use these experiences to add to your record of experience log if you decide to go forward and become a graded official, Level 1, Level 2, etc…. For enquiries into starting out as a field or track official, speak to Alan Brown, Ray Bell or Kieran Golding at the track or contact us via contact us section on website plus more information here.