Oxford League Cross Country 2021/22

The new cross country season is fast approaching and the registration system is very similar to previous years. I have been sent a list of all those athletes who competed in at least one race in the 2019/20 season. These people will automatically be on the list for the coming season and I will need to add the names of any athletes who wish to compete in the November fixture by Thursday October 21st. Please note that this date is well before the date of the first race – November 7th to enable the League Officials sufficient time to check entries. After the first race any new athletes will need to be registered by the Sunday prior to the next fixture (i.e. one week before). Once a person is registered, they are registered for the whole season.

If you are unsure whether you are on the list please contact me by email for confirmation. Please be warned however that if you are not registered you will not be able to run. To avoid disappointment I would urge you to contact me as soon as possible. In addition I have to register any 2nd Claim athletes by October 21st. Once the season starts no further 2nd Claim athletes can be registered.

All runners of 11 and over on 31/8/21 must also be entered on our club list before the first race. Those athletes who are 7, 8, 9 or 10 on August 31st do not have to meet this requirement and can be registered on the day of the race. The only exception to this applies to those young people who reach their 11th birthday during the season. In this situation the club will ensure that they are registered with EA in good time. Please note the minimum age for racing is 8. If a young person reaches the age of 8 during the season they are eligible to compete in the fixture once they reach their eighth birthday.

As in previous years Barry Cornelius will photograph races from Under15 and Under17 upwards. If you don’t wish your child to be photographed please let me know by October 21st so that I can notify the League. The same procedure will also apply to runners aged 18 and over. Athletes not wanting to be photographed will also have to place a red cross on their race number so that Barry can easily identify them on the day.

The full list of fixtures for the season can be found on the League website:


The first fixture takes place on Sunday November 7th at Bicester. Detailed information about the fixtures will appear on the League website. This is in the process of being updated so race timings may change so please check the website nearer November 7th for final details.

During the season we have an obligation to provide a race marshal for the fixtures at Cirencester, Oxford and Adderbury. The duty covers the whole of the programme at those fixtures but two people could share the role if required. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are willing to help.

Having carried out the task of registering our runners for a number of seasons I have decided that I will pass the role on to someone else after this year. If you would be interested in being involved for season 2022/23 please let me know. My hope is that someone will come forward fairly soon so they can see the system working this season and feel comfortable taking over in September 2022.

Steve Connolly
Swindon Harriers
Email: steve.connolly@ukgateway.net