Club Membership

In the present situation we understand that life can be difficult and athletics will take a back seat.

However, it is also worth noting that the Harriers will still incur costs, even with the closure such as grounds maintenance, water and electricity charges as well as putting money aside for future track maintenance. Sadly as no coaches get paid there are no savings there!

With the above in mind we would offer all members the following renewal options for members using the monthly payment process:

  • Renew as normal and continue with the monthly fee.
  • Suspend membership, so cancel standing order, once we are back you can restart your membership with a one off payment to cover the EA membership and restart your standing order. If you intend using this please inform us.
  • For those who pay for the year (including track fees) renew but only pay when we are back in action and your new fee will be based on the months remaining in the year.
  • Non–track members will be as per normal

EA are continuing to monitor the position and as 40% of their income is via membership fees, so they are unlikely to reduce fees based on time, but haven’t ruled it out.