YDL (LAG) Match 1 Newport

The YDL season kicked off with a trip to sunny South Wales to contest the opening fixture of what on paper looks to be a step up in quality of opposition for our under 13/15 YDL squad.

The meeting was held at Newport Stadium which has a capacity of over 2000 and whilst not full our team plus parents made enough noise to make it seem so.

We got off to another fine start with our hurdlers putting some big points on the board which set the trend for us being competitive across every event. We were frequently taking first place in both A and B string in both track and field across a number of disciplines.

At the half way point we were neck and neck with South Wales but our strength in depth along with the willingness of our team to fill all the events and score big points meant that by the time we reached the relays we had an unassailable lead.

It would be a long report if I named every outstanding performance on the day but Tye Leo–Stroud's 13.12 in breaking an 11 year old club record cannot be let pass without a mention, well done Tye!

This was an outstanding performance and a great start to the season.

As young Mr Grace once said "you've all done very well" (ask your grandparents kids).

Here are the results.

Next YDL is May 20th at Gloucester.

Take a look at photos from the day on our Gallery.

Go Harriers.

A young Harrier in High Jump..